To use laser diffraction, the laser alignment is crucial.

Due to improper use or heavy impacts, laser realignment can be necessary.

Obvious indicators are very low laser power and very high ring values.


But please be aware : dirty windows, scratches, air bubbles in the water sample etc. can wrongly indicate misalignment!

Please be sure to check these before sending the instrument to Rovin.


The alignment is done in our lab in Belgium.






All underwater instruments need proper attention for long life time. So please be sure to clean the instrument properly after each use.

Use clean water, clean the optic windows with a soft tissue and soft soap,  grease and clean the connectors often and store the instrument in a dry place.


But sometimes it is necessary to change out the connectors, O-rings, zinc anode, install new electronics or replace the acoustic transducer from the Lisst ABS.


All repairs are done in our lab in Belgium, in close cooperation with Sequoia Scientfic Inc.