Jeroen Vercruysse started his offshore career in 2002 at the University of Ghent, dept. of Marine Geology as a seismic engineer.

There he learned the inspiring challenges of the underwater research.



In 2006, he founded Rovin and initially offered ROV and SSS services.

After a few years working onboard commercial and research vessels, he decided to change the course of Rovin and represent inspiring underwater technology companies in Belgium or Europe.


  • Together with Jean-Jacques De Rey, who has more than 20 years of experience in the sector,  and Bernard Dewulf, he is proud to represent Sequoia in France and Belgium and NKE-Instrumenbtation in Belgium and The Netherlands.



Bernard Dewulf is the technical wonderman of Rovin. He is the only man in Belgium that can maintain

and calibrate ODOM’s acoustic products.

He is assisting Rovin in servicing and aligning the Lisst instruments, designing deployment frames

and helping with installation of the instruments.


Bernard is fully trained by Sequoia scientific Inc.