Yuco Scan


YUCO-Scan micro-AUV just makes AUV technology accessible. Using YUCO-Scan is certainly nowadays one of the most simple and cost-effective way to perform bathymetric surveys.

Equipped with a 680kHz Side Scan Sonar from DeepVision YUCO-Scan provide with a great quality of image with high-stability, accurate navigation and capable of managing coastal areas with waves and current.
YUCO-scan can be combined with optional video and light providing a complete underwater vision package and leading the way to new uses in bathymetric survey or photogrammetry.
With an autonomy up to 8 hours, speed up to 6knots and depth rated at 300m.

Thanks to the INX navigation and DVL, YUCO-Scan is able to achieve navigation accuracy better than +/-1% without requiring any external elements sur as acoustic telemetry.
This is one of the advantages that makes SEABER underwater vehicle so unique, accurate navigation, ease of use, great autonomy and a real single person deployment no external acoustic tool required.
SEAPLAN software provides an ideal and versatile interface for the YUCO-Scan micro-AUV and have pre-defined lawn-mover patterns to make a swift scan mission.
Thanks to its mission programming savings and updates, SEAPLAN facilitates discovery of new area as well as repetitive mission in similar locations.
DeepVision Side Scan Sonar software provides easy access to data visualization.

YUCO-Scan is provided with all the necessary functions to be ready-to-deploy :

  • INX Navigation system
  • DVL
  • SEAPLAN Software
  • Embedded rechargeable batteries
  • Field case and accessories