WiSens CTD

The WiSens CTD data logger measures and records conductivity, pressure and temperature


  • Depth: 50m / 300m Accuracy: 0.15%
  • Temperature: -2°C to +35°C     Accuracy: 0.005°C
  • Conductivity: 0-70mS/cm     Accuracy: 0.04mS/cm
  • Time: internal clock with calendar
  • Start and stop mode: manual or programmable
  • Sampling rate: programmable from 1 second to 99 hours
  • Autonomy: memory of 16 Mb (2million measures) and replaceable Lithium battery
  • Data: format CSV and ZIP compression 
  • Communication: point to point WiFi
  • Transmission and configuration of data via WiFi


  • Compatible IOS, MAC OS, Windows, Android
  • Simple maintenance of sensors
  • Optimum protection of the sensors
  • Lithium batteries for long-term use (up to several years)
  • Aerotransportable lithium batteries
  • Copper based anti-fouling replaceable protection



WiSens protection, see images on fishing net

High resilience to any external shocks or collision

Can be easily installed on any fishing nets, trawls, etc.

Water flow is preserved to ensure good measurement

The Wi-Fi of the WiSens can still be activated through a dedicated magnet stick


Magnetic activating clip

A magnet is foamed inside the clip

Once placed on the middle part of the WiSens, it activates the Wi-Fi of the WiSens

It enables to access to the WiSens embedded interface via any device with IP address


Mooring clamp with an adaptable diameter