This is the brand new mulitparameter sonde from NKE istrumentation.

The Wimo probe is full of the latest technology and uses state of the art digital sensors.


The Wimo base version is available with 4 sensor ports or 7 sensor ports (Wimo Plus).

Remember, a wiper uses 1 sensor port!


The WIMO base version has an integrated temperature and pressure sensor.



Without any additional smart sensor connected the WIMO, the WIMO can be used as a wave recorder with measuring speeds up to 16Hz.


There is no decicated software needed.

Through any device with WIFI (laptop, smartphone, tablet), you can connect to the probe.

This means the probes connects its own WIFI network, no external WIFI network needed.

Once the WIFI connection is established you can "surf" to he probe via any browser.


  • Wimo base availiable in 4 or 7 sensor version
  • Integrated temperature and pressure sensor 

    (without any smart sensor installed, WiMo can be used as wave recorder, up to 16Hz measuring speed)

  • True digital sensors - plug and play
  • Each sensor is calibrated separately
  • No software needed - porgrammable via browser on any WIFI device - this means no laptop or dedicated sofwtare needed !
  • Up to 20 water quality parameters
  • Depth rating : 250 m
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Flash memory or SD card
  • Datatransmission via Modbus RS232-RS485 
  • GPRS and Satellite modem