Mosens UV

CT sensor with UV anti-fouling


The MoSens UV completes our existing range of WiMo multiparameter sondes by being a more compact system with an integrated UV biofouling control.


It is developed for long-term static salinity monitoring in fresh and saline environments.


It has a CT smart sensor meaning that it can be connected and disconnected without any tools and without requiring any hardware or software manipulations and it holds its own calibration values.

It has also a UV-anti-fouling kit to perform for a very long time without impacting the quality of the measurement in the area and throughout time.





The key features:


  •  Active and Smart UV antifouling
  •  Plug and play system
  •  Digital smart CT Sensor
  •  Very low power < 0,4W
  •  Power input 9-16 VDC
  •  Modbus communication
  •  Rugged housing
  •  Diameter only 70mm