SAMBAT is an autonomous multiparameter probe. It allows to measure over several months the main physical quantities of water. SAMBAT uses a cleaning broom for the protection against biofouling of dissolved Fluorescence, Turbidity and Oxygen sensors.


Choose upto 7 parameters :

  • Depth
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Salinity (sea version)
  • Turbidity
  • Dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • Fluorescence Chlorophyll A
  • Fluorescence Phycocyanin
  • CDOM
  • pH
  • Hydrocarbons Crude oil

Integrated wiper cleaning


  • Time: internal clock with calendar
  • Sensors materials: SAMBAT fresh water: stainless steel SAMBAT sea water: titanium
  • Communication: GPRS: Integrated Transmission (TI) (max antenna cable length 6m) / Modbus
  • Tracking: Integrated GPS (only with GPRS communication)


The probe is multifunctional and operational as it is suitable for any type of support – among them very light buoy, ladder, stake and pontoon.



SAMBAT brochure in pdf



Different type of buoys - floats